Providence Classical School does not use one particular curriculum but searches for the most appropriate in each subject and for those which best meet the Classical Developmental Stages of Learning. Classes are not centered on lecture and test taking but focus more on dialogue which provokes a true understanding of the subject. Teaching goes beyond mere fact finding to inspire critical, reasoned thinking and logical decision making. The goal is to truly understand the material and not just excel at test taking. This is not to say that facts are not taught, but rather it says we ask why in order to understand the how. Please view our curriculum for Pre-Kindergarten through 12th Grade.  

Why do we study Latin?

"The advantages of Latin in terms of vocabulary and grammar have been solidly established and widely extolled--by Sayers and others. But it is the ability of Latin to better enable students to think that is the most underrated of its benefits. A grammar-based Latin study is not simply a grammatical study, but an exercise in what modern educators like to call 'critical thinking skills."