How is Providence different from other schools?

Some Christian schools label themselves as such by merely including a Bible class in the curriculum.  At Providence Classical School, a Christian worldview permeates everything we do, teach, think, and say.  Biblical thinking is integrated into every subject.

How rigorous is the academic program?

Providence Classical School seeks to set standards of education that will stretch students to reach their full potential.  We are committed to a rigorous academic program that promotes intellectual excellence infused with spiritual fervor and Christian character.

Is Providence Classical School accredited?

Providence has been an accredited member of the Association of Classical and Christian Schools (ACCS) since 2006.  For more information on ACCS and the accrediting process, visit the ACCS website at www.accsedu.org.

Is Providence associated with a denomination or a local church?

Providence Classical School is an interdenominational school that is not affiliated with a particular church.  We strive to build a distinctively Christian institution committed to the Word of God as the sole authority for all walks and areas of life.

What are the requirements for teaching at Providence?

All Providence teachers must have at least a Bachelor’s degree.  Some teachers have education degrees; however, most have degrees in their areas of expertise.  All teachers must have a vibrant faith in Christ, a love for children, and a passion for their subject.  Intellectual curiosity and a passion for classical and Christian education are also essential.

How are teachers trained to teach classically?

New teachers at Providence attend regional classical teacher training courses.  In addition, all teachers progress through a formal professional development program, including reading requirements, faculty discussions, and classroom observations. 

Why has Providence chosen to teach Latin?

PCS begins teaching Latin in the third grade and continues through the ninth grade because of its value for training the mind to think well.  Not only does Latin build students’ English vocabulary and grammar, it also strengthens the brain’s ability to process new concepts, particularly other modern languages.

Are fine arts programs available?

Yes, all students in kindergarten through 6th grade have both music and art classes each week.  Beginning in 7th grade, choir and art classes are available as electives. 

What sports are offered?

In both middle school and high school, students may participate in cross country, football, basketball, track, golf and tennis. We also offer volleyball for middle school and high school girls. PCS offers middle school and high school baseball teams.

What other extracurricular activities are offered?

Grammar school students may participate in Math Olympiad and Choir.  In the upper school, extracurricular activities include yearbook, student council, Science Olympiad and mock trial.

What is the House System?

The house system, based on the system used in British boarding schools, is used in the upper school to foster community and provide mentoring and leadership opportunities for students.  7th- through 12th-graders are divided into four houses: Dragon, Gryphon, Leviathan, and Phoenix.  House activities include an annual upper school retreat,  house games, and chapels and lunches together.