High School Athletics

High School Athletics (grade 9-12): Our desire for high school athletics is to see our students use their God-given talents to glorify God and bring our school community closer together.  Varsity Athletics enhance the atmosphere of the Providence Classical School student body, providing students, parents, and friends with an opportunity to express positive school spirit.  The objective of the varsity level is to exhibit impeccable sportsmanship and excellence. Varsity athletics is highly competitive and advanced. At this level, the athlete will be scrutinized more thoroughly in his character, ability, attitudes, and skills. He will play before many witnesses, including the Lord. The most qualified athletes will compete on the varsity team and those still developing will compete at the junior varsity level. Playing time will be at the discretion of the coach.  As we build an athletic program at Providence Classical School that will glorify God and honor our community, we look forward to seeing coaches, parents, faculty, and spectators encouraging our athletes in the pursuit of wisdom and virtue.