Kindergarten Applications

Step 1:

Visit: The application process begins with a visit to the school.  There are two options for your visit: an individual meeting and tour with our Director of Admissions, or a school preview. Individual meetings are scheduled on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.  The meeting will about an hour, and will include an overview of classical and Christian education, information about a Providence education, a facility tour and classroom visits.  To schedule a meeting, please contact  the Admissions Assistant (281-320-0500) School Previews are scheduled during the months of October, January, and February.  At a school preview, you will have the opportunity to hear about a classical and Christian education from our headmaster, principals, and students in various grades. Teachers from each grade level will be available to talk with you about our program and you can tour our facilities. Please let us know if you are planning to attend a preview by contacting the Admissions Office.

Step 2:

Explore: In order to more fully understand classical and Christian education, please read the Discover magazine included in your admissions packet.  This magazine is required reading before the family interview (see below).  Other suggested reading can be found here.    

Step 3:

Apply: To apply, please complete the ADMISSIONS APPLICATION.  As part of the application, you will also need to submit a teacher referral from your child’s current teacher, a copy of the Parent-Student Handbook Agreement,  and the $160 application fee.

Step 4:

Assess: Once your application is received, we will contact you to schedule your child’s kindergarten readiness assessment.  This is a one-on-one assessment that covers six areas of child development: number concepts, auditory skills, paper/pencil skills, language concepts, visual skills and gross motor skills.  The assessment will take about forty-five minutes, and will typically be scheduled on a weekday morning. 

Kindergarten applicants may also be asked to come to school for a group interview.  In the group interview, students will listen to a story read by one of our kindergarten teachers, then will work in centers (puzzles, blocks, etc.) with a small group of other applicants.  The group interview will last about thirty minutes.  

In lieu of the group interview, the admissions director may schedule a school visit and observation for those applicants currently enrolled in a school.

Step 5:

Interview: Once you have completed steps one through four, we will contact you to schedule your family interview. Both parents, along with students applying for admission, will meet with members of our admissions committee (usually the admissions director, headmaster, grade level principal, and teacher) on a Tuesday afternoon for about forty-five minutes.  In the interview, conversation will focus on four areas: understanding of classical and Christian education, commitment to academic excellence, pursuit of biblical conflict resolution, and your spiritual journey.  Through the interview process, we wish to understand your family’s goals and priorities, and do our best to see that your family will thrive as a part of the Providence community.

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