Qualifications for Board Services

Key Qualifications and Considerations for the PCS Board of Directors

Role of the Board of Directors:

  • Guard the mission of the school:  To be a Christian school using the classical model to train students who will impact their culture for Christ.
  • Devleop a long-term strategy and work to see this strategy implemented in a way that is consistent with and supportive of the mission.
  • Select the Headmaster ("Head"), establish objectives for the Head, and monitor the Head's performance compared to theses objectives.
  • Devise ways to secure the necessary resources for operating the school and determine how these funds shall be used.

Requirements for Board Membership:

  • Affirm the school's statment of faith.
  • Regularly attend and be actively engaged in a local church community, supporting it with his or her time, energy, and resources.
  • Subscribe to the school's mission statement.

Expectations of Providence Board Members:

  • Make service as a Board Member one of your top two priorities outside of work, family, and church when it comes to giving of your time, talent, and financial resources.
  • Pray regularly and earnestly for Providence, not only broadly but also for specific needs of the school.
  • Understand the role of the Board of Directors as a policy making body and avoid participation in administration of policy, which is the Headmaster's responsibility.
  • Attend board meetings regularly and actively participate on at least one board committee or task force.
  • Contribute to the annual fund and other development efforts according to your means.
  • Assist in fundraising through introducing prospects to school administrators and visiting donors and prospective donors.
  • Serve as a conduit between the school and the larger community, sharing information about the school with the wider community while bringing information and ideas back to the school.
  • Help identify qualified new Directors.
  • Seek ways to become personally acquainted with faculty and staff.
  • Be willing to support the majority decision of the board and work with fellow Directors in a spirit of cooperation.
  • Be willing to maintain the confidential nature of Board deliberations and avoid acting as a spokesperson for the Board of Directors unless specifically authorized to do so.
  • Visit the school for at least a half-day each year and attend classes in the grammar and upper schools.
  • Enhance a personal commitment to continuous learning.

Considerations for the make-up of the Providence Board of Directors:

  1. Profile against Strategic Plan and Documented Succession Plan
  2. Maintain Ranking and Term Matrix - by managing Director term expirations so as not to lose too much continuity and institutional knowledge in any one year.
  3. Ensure the Current Board has diversity and strong representation in the following areas:

I.  Strategic Thinkers:  Potential to focus on strategic planning, high level visionary thinking

II.  Development/Networkers:  Potential to connect to donors, have a large network, community influence

III.  Unique Thinkers:  Potential to see things slightly differently and to present ideas that might be unique and challenging

IV. CCE Understanding:  Strong understanding of CCE and its principles, highly protective of mission and its integrity