Senior Thesis

The thesis serves as the capstone of the Trivium, requiring the student to apply skills acquired throughout their education. At the beginning of both the junior and senior years at PCS, the students go through the process of selecting topics about which they have a keen interest. Once their topics are selected and approved, they move into the process of developing their thesis statement and researching their topic. Students glean information that they will need to prove their thesis and to offer rebuttals to the counter arguments. This research then becomes the foundation for a clear and persuasive thesis paper. Once the paper is written, students then re-craft their argument as a speech to be presented to the entire community. This speech then must be defended before a panel of interlocutors. Please take the time to enjoy the thesis presentation recordings from the PCS class of 2016 below.

The National, Multinational Dilemma
by Chase Black

A Fake Empire
by Nolan Brill

The Hundred Years’ War
by Josh Broussard

If You’re Not First, You’re Last: An Explanation of Birth Order and How It Affects Personality
by Ashton Burroughs

Forgotten Daughters: The Reality of China’s One-Child Policy
by Ellie Butler

“There’s No Place Like Home"
by Brighton Ellisor

Amazing Grace
by Ashley Hammerschmidt

“This Is All Your Fault”
by Logan Harmon

Playing God: Beliefs Woven through Medicine
by Haley Hotchkiss

Beauty Forgotten
by Michael Johnson

Face(book) to Face(book)
by Mallory Leo

Destroy the Matriarchy
by Grace Lewellyn

Hungry for Likes
by Avery Martin


Who Would Jesus Kill?
by Michael McDowell

Child Labor Laws Are Ruining This Country
by James McKenna

“Out of What?”
by Jack Muntsinger


True Causes for War: An Examination of Southern Secession
by Elliott Penn

“Up in Arms”
by Daniel Rea

“November 22, 1963”
by Caroline Rosier

We Hold These Truths to Be Self Evident: A Constitutional Wake-Up Call
by David Russell

Okay to Disobey?
by Georgia Slagle

“Simple Dollars and Cents”
by Gus Talkington

Clinical Depression and the Christian’s Response
by Sophie White

Fill Your Tank with Freedom: The Benefits of Hydraulic Fracturing
by Hayleigh Wyatt