Senior Thesis

The thesis serves as the capstone of the Trivium, requiring the student to apply skills acquired throughout their education. At the beginning of both the junior and senior years at PCS, the students go through the process of selecting topics about which they have a keen interest. Once their topics are selected and approved, they move into the process of developing their thesis statement and researching their topic. Students glean information that they will need to prove their thesis and to offer rebuttals to the counter arguments. This research then becomes the foundation for a clear and persuasive thesis paper. Once the paper is written, students then re-craft their argument as a speech to be presented to the entire community. This speech then must be defended before a panel of interlocutors. Please take the time to enjoy the thesis presentation recordings from the PCS class of 2017 below.

Are We Faring Well on Welfare?
by Sarah Chan


Is Effective Ethical Spying a Mission Impossible
by Martin Grimley

No Compulsion in Religion
by Christopher Halloran


Train Them Up in the Way They Should GO
by Thomas Kauffman


An Analysis of Drone Strikes
by Ben Lingenfelter


Gender Identity in American Culture
by Zoe Martin


An Olympic Mistake:The Economic Gamble of Hosting the Olympics
by Jacob McCrary


Law Enforcement and Community
by Hannah Novaria


Choose to Treasure Life: An Examination of the Ethics of Abortion and a Case to Defund Planned Parenthood
by Hannah Ontiveros


Behind the Smoke and Mirrors: The Truth About Medical Marijuana
by Mary Liz Overcash


Making Decisions Within the Will of God
by Kristin Russell



To H...aiti With Good Intentions: Reforming Poverty Alleviations
by Mary Frances Schorlemer


The Passion of Marriage
by JD Spiers



Pay for Play
by Megan Washington


As False as Cressid:Chivalric and Patriarchal Culture in Shakespeare's Trolius and Cressida
by Abby Wells



The World's Greatest Deliberative Body...
by Taylor Wright