Service Opportunities

Per the PCS By-Laws the Board of Directors (BoD) operates and oversees the following two groups of PCS: 1) Board led Committees, and 2) Board members.

Below is a summary of the key guiding principles:

  1. The BoD is self-perpetuating and elects candidates for both Committee and Board membership in accordance with the strategic needs of the school and Board member qualifications, as defined in Board documents (Qualifications for Board Services contains a list of the key items that the Board consiers when choosing Committee and Board members).
  2. Service on a Board led Committee is a pre-requisite for service on the BoD; however, not all Committee members will serve on the BoD (as noted above and in Qualfications for Board Services, BoD service is based on the strategic needs of the school and the alignment of God-given skills of potential members).
  3. Committees typically consist of four to eight members. The term for Committee member service is typically one year; however, the time duration may vary based on the specific work of the Committee.
  4. The BoD is composed of four to nine members serving staggered terms. The maximum consecutive term for any Board member is six years, and Board members may not have relatives working for the school during their service on the BoD.