Middle School Athletics

Middle School (grades 6-8): The objectives of the middle school program are improvement through participation, development of basic skills, and instilment of Christian virtues. Coaches will also teach basic rules and principles of the game. Middle school athletics will allow each student the opportunity to participate and grow in sportsmanship and Christ-like character.  Student athletes will learn and have the opportunity to develop the virtues of discipline, honor, courage, self-control, servanthood, and unity.  They will learn how to win graciously and to take setbacks as lessons. Each athlete will be allowed to participate in every game contingent on their attitude and participation in practice, the level of competition, and their readiness for competition. Coaches will talk with players and parents to explain reasons for non-participation in a game.  As we build an athletic program at Providence Classical School that will glorify God and honor our community, we look forward to seeing coaches, parents, faculty, and spectators encouraging our athletes in the pursuit of wisdom and virtue.