Visual & Performing Arts

The study of Fine Arts is an essential component of the classical and Christian education received at Providence Classical School.  The Fine Arts are not seen as a singular discipline, but as the full integration of mathematics, history, language, and physical coordination expressed in the truth, goodness, and beauty of God.    

The Fine Arts curriculum is woven into all grades at Providence Classical School.  Students study visual art, music, and drama and how they have been influenced and affected by culture through the ages.  Musical instruction begins in Grammar School with dedicated weekly classes that teach students how to read music and sing properly.  Performance based musical groups, including the string ensemble, the handbell choir, the upper school choir, and the recorder ensemble, work to teach students to be musically literate worshipers of our Creator.    

Grammar school art classes offer instruction in a wide variety of genres and techniques that integrate with classroom subject matter.  Upper school art classes focus on studio work, building upon drawing skills learned in grammar school and basic design, followed by advanced art classes emphasizing a greater development of expression in design composition. 

Many schools in America reduce their Fine Arts programs for budgetary reasons or to make room for subjects that are perceived as more important.  PCS believes these “core” subjects cannot be fully understood without the study of fine arts.  Performing a work on a musical instrument combines the efforts of science, math, language, and physical coordination. It requires knowledge of acoustical science for sound production, mathematics to understand complex rhythms, language to understand the composer’s instructions, and physical coordination to demonstrate the unique abilities needed to play the instrument.    

Research has shown that studying the fine arts is an essential component of a complete education because it enhances learning and integrates all subjects.  These are valid reasons but they are not the primary reason.  We study these disciplines seeking to reflect the beautiful image of God as we sing, play our instruments, and paint with our brushes.  Learning the fine arts teaches us how to worship our Lord in good, true, and beautiful ways and is a vital part of the education at Providence Classical School.