Providence Classical School is a Christian school using the classical model to train students to impact their culture for Christ.    


Providence Classical School is committed to the following principles to ensure that the vision of the school is implemented:  

We demonstrate our Christianity in the context of relationships, by loving each other with the love of Christ, by encouraging each other to begin to develop a relationship with God through Christ, and by treating each other with the dignity due creatures who are made in the image of God.  

We are rooted in the Word of God and teach the Scriptures of both the Old and New Testaments in such a way that students realize that the meaning and purpose of life and education are found in them.  We acknowledge God as the source and author of all truth.  

We recognize that all of creation displays God’s character and teaches us the meaning of beauty, goodness, and truth.  Because all truth is from God, the universe is coherent.

We believe that studying is an act of worship with spiritual implications; therefore, studies are conducted as unto God.  Shabby scholarship brings Him no glory and is a failure to recognize His presence in our classrooms and in our lives.

We stress the unity of knowledge, and we teach all subjects as part of an integrated whole.  History is the story of God working in individuals and nations.  It has a purpose and a destination.  Because we are a Western culture, we study Western civilization with all its triumphs and failures.  Literature, music, and art are mankind’s reflection of their understanding of the world.  Properly done, the arts are a doxology, praising God, and reflecting His truth, goodness, and beauty. Science and math are tangible evidence of God’s orderliness and are our tools to explore the world and marvel at its design.

Good students are good thinkers.  Latin and formal logic sharpen our minds and teach us to analyze.