Open Board Meeting Minutes

November 6, 2017

Board Members Present: Amy Brink (AB), Chuck Griffie (CG), Greg Russell (GR), Carmen Wright (CW), John Young (JY)
Board Members Absent: Chad Corbitt (CC)
Others PCS Admin Present: Rich Halloran (RH), Carmen Watson, Melissa Martin, Joe Rodden
The Open Board Meeting was called to order by Chairman Amy Brink at 6:32 PM
JY offered the invocation.
Board Introductions.

AB Presented the PCS Core Values:

-PCS’s culture will reflect the truth, beauty and goodness of Christ.
-PCS embraces an integrated classical and Christian curriculum.
-PCS will have an excellent faculty.
-PCS is financially sound and stable.
-PCS physical campus reflects the character and quality of the school and meets the needs of its students.
-PCS leadership operates according to “best practice” standards.

AB reviewed the PCS 5-Year Strategic Plan.

AB presented the 2017-2018 PCS Board Objectives:

-Finalizing 5-yr SFP and other long term financial planning.
-Assist the administration in the development of a faculty/staff salary structure.
-Develop a communication plan and strategy to assist in the restoration and rebuilding of relationships with each group in the PCS community.

RH presented the PCS School Goals for 2017-2018

-Improve Faculty Culture
-Enhance the Student Learning Experience
-Enhance and Improve Security
-Ensure PCS Reaccreditation in Spring ’18

AB presented a synopsis of the Parent Survey results. (A link will be provided on the website.)

Questions were submitted to the Board and AB answered those questions:

1.  Since the May 15, 2017 board presentation, has the board considered allowing anyone other than a board member to have any input on who the board self-appoints as a replacement director? Board visits with admin, faculty, and support staff to identify potential committee members/board members.

2.  When will the board consider amending the bylaws (Bylaws Article VII) to require at least a super majority (75%) of directors to vote to fire any headmaster, similar to the 75% required to agree on the location of the school (Bylaws Article 2.03)?  Currently this matter is on the February Board Agenda.

3.  What is the board’s new communication plan that was to be considered in July 2017, and when will it be provided?  Communication plan is an objective for this year.

4.  When will the board provide the results of the parent survey that closed on October 2, 2017? Today.

5.  What is the current enrollment at PCS? 361 today and 365 anticipated in January.

6.  What is the status of any athletic field upgrade and when might any upgrade work begin? Timing is dependent upon civil engineers and the scope of the work. The goal for the field is a flat crowned field that is suitable for use of all, both athletic teams and the school community. There is a possibility that a 400m crushed granite running path may be added as well.

Other Questions:

-Grassy areas that children are playing in are holding water. What can be done about that? Jasper Schaer is installing a drainage system in another part of the campus in hopes that same thing may be employed in this area as well.
-Do we have expectation that a field would be ready for Spring? We are really at the mercy of the civil engineer and the need of increased detention.
-Is there a plan for a weight room in the 5-yr strategic plan? Not at this time. Any proposal would have to come from the Administration. Those proposals would be considered.

GR offered our Benediction

The meeting was adjourned at 7:46pm

Minutes of Open Board meeting and the 11.06.17 were presented. CW made motion, CG seconded that minutes be approved as submitted. Motion passed unanimously.