The Providence Story

Three sets of parents with a heart for education met at a kitchen table and began discussing their dreams of a distinctive school where students could be taught in the grand Western tradition that produced its greatest thinkers. They all agreed that the classical Christian model of education is the key to developing students who could reason logically and communicate winsomely from a biblical worldview.

Providence Classical School first opened its doors in a renovated shopping mall with twelve students and a faculty of five. Despite the sparse surroundings, the students thrived under the nurturing guidance of their dedicated teachers as they learned within the framework of the time-tested trivium and a Christian perspective. A concrete parking lot served as the playground, where students enjoyed games of four square and wiffle ball.

With 160 students, PCS moved to Spring Cypress Presbyterian Church. In this lovely location, the school grew to 345 students in grades Pre-K through 12. As the school continued to grow and thrive, the Providence family began to recognize the need for a permanent home. After years of prayer and research, the Providence Board, administration and steering committee unanimously decided to purchase nineteen acres in Gleannloch Farms.

Through leadership gifts from the Board, administration, and a small group of parents and grandparents, PCS successfully sought commitments for $1.5 of the $1.7 million needed to purchase the property. As a result of these initial pledges to the Land Development Phase, plus additional pledges in the "quiet phase" of Phase I, PCS completely paid for the Gleannloch property by the end of the 201-13 fiscal year. Also during this time, architectural plans began to take shape.

Through God's goodness and great provision, an opportunity arose for PCS during the 2012-13 school year, and plans for the permanent home changed...

In early March, PCS sold the property in Gleannloch Farms to a homebuilder and days later, purchased 36.5 acres of land from Faithbridge Church. Providence gained 17.5 additional acres and roughly $1 million from these two deals. The new land was beautiful, and the architects adjusted the Master Facilities Plan for the new space. One hundred percent of the net funds were reserved for construction of our new campus.

Groundbreaking for the new campus occurred in the Fall of 2014, with plans to begin our 2015-16 school year on our new permanent location at 18100 Stuebner Airline Rd.

With God's love and grace, Providence Classical School moved to their new facility in mid-October, where they continue to achieve their mission of training students to impact their culture for Christ.