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Podcast: Shel Silverstein — Where the Sidewalk Ends

A Remember Reading? podcast featuring author Beth Ferry

The poetry of Shel Silverstein is beloved around the world for its whimsy, unique wordplay, nostalgia, on-point social commentary, and delightful illustrations. Did you also know that Silverstein was a Grammy-winning performer of children’s songs and was nominated for Golden Globe and Academy Awards?

In this podcast, current children’s authors recite and discuss some of Silverstein’s well-known poems from Where the Sidewalk Ends and other collections and discuss the influence of his work on those who write for children today.

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Remember Reading is a monthly podcast from HarperCollins Publishers. Each episode features one classic children’s book, uncovering the unique story behind the story. Podcast guests include current authors who seek to find thematic parallels between books of the past and books of the present, while diving deeply into the special magic that makes a children’s book timeless.

Let my teaching fall like rain
and my word settle like dew,
like gentle rain on new grass
and showers on tender plants.
Deuteronomy 32:2

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