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Podcast: Forming Human Souls in Chaotic Times with Classical Christian Education

An interview with Dr. Chris Schlect, Fellow of History at New Saint Andrews College

As parents and educators, how can we help our children and students through this season that feels so insecure? As life exposes the holes in our social fabric, is this really the time to be focusing on Homer and Plato, or should we teach our children things that are more practical in the here and now?

In this episode of the Basecamp Live podcast, Davies Owens and Dr. Chris Schlect discuss how now, more than ever, we need to train young minds to do difficult and challenging work, as this is what builds and shapes people who create and impact the world. Studying the Great Books cultivates the ability to think, to reason, and to be adaptable. At the same time, studying history helps us see God’s faithfulness through time.

We don’t need to resort to wild and crazy responses to these wild and crazy times. Instead, we must aim for what is steadfast and throw ourselves more deeply into things that abide. Out of these things grow the practical skills and confidence that will carry students through a global pandemic. More than ever, classical Christian education provides exactly what our children need — the cure for insecurity!

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Christopher R. Schlect, PhD, has taught at New Saint Andrews College for many years. He has earned eleven competitive awards for his research on early 20th century Protestant religious life. He was a 2012 Research Fellow at the Presbyterian Historical Society, and has been awarded the 2016-17 distinguished lectureship for the Association of Reformed Colleges and Universities. As Fellow of History at New Saint Andrews College, Schlect teaches courses in ancient and medieval civilizations, US history, the history of American Christianity, medieval education, and Classical Rhetoric, among other subjects. He is the Director of New Saint Andrews College’s graduate program in Classical and Christian Studies. He also serves Classical and Christian Schools around the country through his consulting and teacher training activities.

The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer;
my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge,
my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.
Psalm 18:2

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Header image by AJS1 from Pixabay